Important Guidelines

  • Green Ribbon
    If your horse is new to hunting, you should tie a green ribbon in its tail.
  • Give yourself time. We all know that rushing doesn’t work well with horses. Factor in time to find a new course, tack up leisurely and be ready for a prompt start. Late arrivals may not be able to join the pack.
  • Red Ribbon
    If your horse kicks, put a red ribbon in its tail. You are responsible for of keeping your mount at a safe distance from others. Horses that kick MUST be ridden in the back of the field.
  • Membership
    Calgary Hunt Club membership is required to attend any meet. Riders will be required to sign a waiver at each meet

Additional Information


Figure out where the location is before you leave. You may not have cell service when you are on the road. Executive and friends may not be reachable.


Always give hunt officials priority and if your horse is an inexperienced jumper let others go first.

Jump Refusals

If your horse refuses, clear the jump quickly, go to the back of any queue, before you try once more. Hunts are not the time for schooling.


If you break a jump please ensure you report the damage to a red-coated official.

Red coats

Red coats denote hunt officials and are allocated by the Field Master – please do not wear red unless invited to do so.


Helmets are mandatory, crash vests optional.


Your horse and tack should be clean and neat. Braiding is not required but always appreciated. Please ensure your tack is in good condition and suitable for your horse as it is likely you’ll be going round the countryside at a good clip. Traditional hunt attire consists of jacket, shirt & tie or rat-catcher and stock, light breeches and tall boots.

AEF Membership

AEF membership is mandatory.

Riding Position

Stay behind the Field Master at all times and follow his or her line. If he or she crosses a field by hugging the edge, do likewise. or ride an alternate route without his or her permission. Passing the Master incurs a fine of a case of champagne – a tradition that is strictly upheld in the Calgary Hunt Club.


Keep up with the pack. Those who wish to pick and chose their jumps should ride at the back.


Help your horse. Equine fitness and manners are key to enjoying a day out. The courses can be long and the fields large. Leg your horse up and if you and/or your mount are new to cross country jumping or group rides, consider attending one of the Hunt Club Clinics before the season starts.


There will be a ‘Best Turned Out’ award at every meet! The Club is happy to partner with Equiproducts for this prize.

Dress Code

The business of getting all dressed up in order to get dirty and sweaty may seem wildly eccentric, but, by looking smart, you are honouring the great tradition of hunting, the generosity of the people who have invited you to ride over their land, and the work of the hunt volunteers.

Ride In Style! Giving You The Wings You Need.