Your first time

Start Time

The hunt sets off at 1pm prompt. This means we actually start to ride out, so it is a good idea to arrive well before 1pm giving yourself time to tack up and get ready.


The hunt will last approximately two hours more or less. We stop for breaks, normally three, and have time to pass the flask, drink water, rest the horses and socialise. Sometimes at drink stops there is a vehicle with water or beer provided by the host. It is not a hell for leather mad dash across the fields for five hours ! However, we do frequently canter at a fair clip for quite some time across jumps, fields, through woods, and up and down hills, so unfit horses may need legging up, or may even want to skip one of the course ‘legs’.

Dress Code

We encourage smart hunt attire but you will not be turned away if you are wearing “the wrong” shirt! We also have a prize for the best turned out, so turn up and find out what its like.

Jump Refusals

No. You do not have time to turn back and school jumps, it gets very confusing for a moving pack of horses if we try to do that. Tuck in behind someone who jumps well or a red-coat. If your horse refuses many jumps, go around them instead – it’s much safer for those following behind you!


The hunt is not long enough to require you to bring food. We do have many members carry a flask for ‘fortification’, and we have a pot-luck at the end of the hunt were we eat. We encourage members to contribute something to the pot-luck.

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